RECYCLING: Gambia's most opportunistic and prostituted politician is NPP's admin secretary

The Gambia's most opportunistic and prostituted politician, Mambanyick Njie is now the administrative secretary for President Adama Barrow's National People's Party. The former Gambia Democratic Co

Multimillionaire Musa Barrow's brother is the new hot cake in town

He's not the best looking guy in The Gambia, but footballer Musa Barrow's elder brother, Sheriff is undoubtedly one of the most popular men among young women seeking men with money. Sources reveale

New political party wants to turn Gambia into a Gay Paradise

One of The Gambia’s newest political parties, Citizens' Alliance wants The Gambia to legalise homosexuality and recognise the human rights of LGBTQ people. In a Facebook post that was later delet

Sukutarians share photos of multi-million dalasi houses belonging to Physical Planning workers

Some Sukutarians have taken to social media to share photos of multi-million dalasi houses in Salagi belonging to the staff of the Department of Physical Planning. One Ibrahim Bojang revealed the h

Austria-based Gambian singer ditches nightlife to re-embrace Islam

A 20-year-old Austria-based Gambian singer has ditched alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana to re-embrace Islam. "I was wild. But I thank God that I am now able to re-embrace my religion,” Matty Faa

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