The Gambia’s daring political talk show host. Interview with Bakary Fatty

Bakary Fatty

Politics on national radio stations in The Gambia is considered to be a no-go area, but Bakary Fatty, a law student at the University of The Gambia, has successfully pushed the boundaries with his Civic Engagement Hour, a radio show backed

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Preserving the Pulaar culture amidst modernisation: Interview with Fulbe Africa’s Ousman Sowe


Young Gambians from the Fula ethnic linguistic grouping are poised to inspire a renaissance among Fula people from across Africa. Fulbe Africa, through online and offline outreaches has since been organising and mobilising Fula people around

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From record’s clerk to Britain’s most innovative teacher: Interview with Dr. Momodou Sallah

Dr. Sallah

He left The Gambia for the UK 17 years ago to pursue further studies and kept his eyes on the prize. He now not only has a prestigious suffix Dr, but Momodou Sallah has become the first Gambian to win UK’s Most Innovative Teacher award. But

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