Written by Alieu Khan

Gambia nyatoo dorong! Fatima Jabbe becomes one of the powerful women in the African movie industry


Fatima Jabbe is one of the most successful and accomplished Gambian actresses today. She has starred in popular Nollywood movies such as the Mirror Boy – a movie that has raked in millions of naira. 

She’s also a writer and producer and at the moment she is busy promoting her own movie, Battered.  The Gambia star is now one of the most powerful women in the African movie industry.  

On the 28th September, 2013, Fatima is expected to make history by becoming the first female Gambian actress, scriptwriter and producer to have her movies shown on the international stage at the Odeon Cinema in Greenwich, London, UK. 

Enjoy our chat with her: 

Fatima 1

What’s On- Gambia: What made you decide to produce a film like Battered?

Fatima: Sometimes is hard to share with the world all your pains and fears so as an artist I choose to do it using my creative mind, that is why I did Battered, so I can communicate to couples through the medium of film.

 What’s the current status of the film? 

The reception I have received since I produce Battered from people all around the world is unbelievable; they are all thanking me for my bravery for speaking up.

In which countries are you promoting the film? 

Battered is been promoted all around the world that is why I am now classed as one of the Best African Actresses doing her thing to the best of my ability.

In the film you wear multiple hats (acting, producing and scriptwriter). Was that not too much for you? 

Well, I believe in my ability to be a diverse artist and thank God I did and I’m proud of myself for doing it.

In The Gambia, you were known for organizing beauty pageants and hosting successful events. What inspired you to enter Nollywood? 

I have always been an actress, when I first came to the Gambia in 1998 everyone knew that was an actress, model and event promoter. I took timeout so I can do other things in life and I am back to what I know best.

Cinema is dead in The Gambia and film piracy is rapidly becoming a problem. As a producer, what type of protective measures do you have? 

Well, that is not my job it is in the hands of the Government to protect artists.

You are nominated for the Nollywood and African People’s Choice Award (Best Actress). Talk us through how winning the award can help in boosting your career. 

Winning is always great.  I have been lucky to win Best Actress in 2011 in the UK so winning the African Oscar in the USA will be a dream comes through in my life. I hope and pray Gambians will vote for me to win it. I always believe it is best to celebrate your own because they always come back to you as a Hero.

What type of support do you expect from Gambians? 

I would like them to vote for me and also to support Gambian films.  Help us grow, stop the pull down syndrome. I need their undying support and prayers as I’m Gambian Ever True

 Fatima 2

Final words? 

I’m thanking the people who one way or the other have supported me get to where I’m today.  I want to show my appreciation to H.E President Jammeh for his support to me and the Mirror Boy Movie which is still the biggest film from West Africa. I also want to thank Obi Emeloyne, the director of Mirror Boy, OH TV, my family, the hotels and everyone who was part of the experience. 

To my Fans I want you all to know I love you more and I’m who I’m because I have you in my life. I want you all to know if you have a dream follow it or you will regret forever. 

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