LOVE STORY: Baba Sillah is one of the lucky Gambian immigrants with an Italian wife

Written by Alieu Khan


Baba Sillah is one of the few lucky Gambian immigrants married to an Italian woman. In Italy, black men are not as popular as they are in other European countries like England, Sweden and Finland.

Read below our interview with Baba:

What’s On-Gambia: Tell us briefly about yourself?

Baba:I am Baba Sillah, a Jahangka from Bakadaji Nianija in the Central River Region. In 2007, I left the country for Italy through the ‘back way’. After six months in Italy I moved to Switzerland.


Why did you move?

At that time, I had some difficulties. Besides, in Switzerland I have a brother who lives there with his family.

But now you are back in Italy, why?

I got married to an Italian woman and that is why I moved back.

Tell us about her?

She is a woman with patience and loves humanity. She appreciates all Africans in Italy. Before we met, she was helping immigrants in refugee camps with clothes, blankets and other useful items.

How did you two meet?

We started as friends on Facebook in July 2011. But it was on the 13th February 2014 that we first met. She came to Switzerland to visit me.  We stayed together for a week, and on the 22nd February I moved to Italy to live with her.

We got married on the 21st March, 2014 at a mosque in Lecce. She is now a Muslim convert.


It looks like everything happened so fast…

No! I told you we started talking in 2011. Almost every day we were on the phone. I also introduced her to my family in The Gambia. My mum likes her!

Is it true that Italian women are not into black men?

That is true. It is very rare to see an Italian woman with a black guy.

Are they racist?

It is not about racism. They just have their own misconceptions about black people. I don’t think they know us very well.

Do you speak Italian?

Yes I do.

When are you planning to take your wife to The Gambia?

In December, 2015 inshalla.

Are you planning to have a family together?

Yes, it is in our plans.

Are you employed?

My wife and I have a shop and I also help the police with translation.

Good luck with everything!

Thank you for the interview.