He’s one of Senegambia’s most famous celebrities: A chat with Waka J

Written by Alieu Khan

Waka Jagne

Waka Jagne is a UK-based celebrity that is well-known both in The Gambia and Senegal. He is currently in the country on holiday and we caught up with him at the Elton in Kotu.

What’s On-Gambia: How is your holiday going?

Waka: It’s good!

Did you visit Senegal?

Normally, when I come to The Gambia I also visit Senegal. I have lots of friends in the Senegalese entertainment industry. It is always good to go and reconnect with them. I was invited to some major events.

Which events?

Coumba Gawlo’s anniversary and Pape Diouf also invited me to one of his events in Dakar.

Is it true you are now working with Gambian afro-manding singer, Nyanco?

I am about to launch Operation Gambian Music Sa Kanaam. Nyancho happens to be a neighbor of my elder sister. My sister is more like a mum to him. He is a very talented young man that needs help.

How do you intend to help him?

I am launching his debut album in May and after that I will see where to take his career.

Waka Jagne

Tell us about your Operation Gambian Music Sa Kanaam?

By the grace of God, I want to push Gambian music further by doing more Gambian shows and also offer help to upcoming singers like Nyancho.

When are you returning to England?

I might be going after the golden jubilee celebrations.

How is your Senegambian TV show doing?

I have been doing it for six years now.  I would urge Gambian businesses to support the show by placing adverts, especially those targeting Gambians in the Diaspora.

How many viewers do you have?

I know people watch it in the UK and some of the countries in Europe. It is the first Senegambian TV show on a UK TV channel.

Are you still rich?

I wouldn’t say I am rich, but alhamdulilah. Basically, I’m just living my life and trying to share the little I have with the needy. I believe in Allah and whatever he gives me I will take with dignity.