Gambian Association in Oslo: Our cultural week provides a unique ground for reunion of friends, family members and relatives

The Gambian association in Oslo, Norway is one of the most unifying and successful Gambian associations in the diaspora. Apart from encouraging their country folks to engage in positive activities, the association is also involved in philanthropy

“Gambian artists, producers and promoters should be one family,” exclusive interview with Eddie Conta

Eddie Conta is a Gambian musician based in Sweden, and the son of reggae legend, Demba Conta. He was born in The Gambia and moved to Sweden at a very tender age. 

Like his father, Eddie has a strong passion for music. In an exclusive interview

Bondeyee: Killa Ace talks beef with Gee, childhood in USA, debut album and more in exclusive interview

Killa Ace is a talented rapper, who has known since he was little that a career in hip-hop was for him. He was born in The Gambia and moved to the USA at the age of four, but his parents brought him back to the country ten years later for fear