A rare interview with Hon. Mai A. Fatty

Written by Alieu Khan

Who’s Mai? This was a familiar question when Mai Fatty joined the race for the first time to State House in 2011. Some even thought he was a woman. Fast-forward to 2017 – the astute lawyer is the country’s most talked about

Interview with America’s Next Top Model contestant

Written by Gainde

Binta Dibba is a Gambian-American making waves on millions of American television screens with her participation in America's Next Top Model.

In this edition of What’s On-Gambia, US-based journalist, Sainey Darboe ,began by sussing out

A chat with Daily Observer’s Omar Wally

Written by Saja

Omar Wally is a fearless journalist who works with Daily Observer, a former pro-government newspaper. In a short interview with What’s On-Gambia, he talks about himself and his career.

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