Samsudeen Phatey breaks the silence after meeting with Ambassador Faye

Sam Phatey might be young in the defiant ’struggle’ of Gambian diaspora political activists. But if there’s a leaf the older ’strugglers’ could borrow from him, it’s to stop the political rascalism and embrace tact and diplomacy in handling

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Interview with Ndey Yassin Camara: “I might be the first in my family to enter university”

After emerging as the best female student, Ndey Yassin Camara has given a reason for Gambians to smile about this year’s WASSCE results, even though the general performance of the students was poor. In this exclusive interview, she tells us

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Interview with Salimatou Fatty: The young woman who wants every child to attend school


She was raised by a single mother after her father left and never looked. She eked out her childhood years in great deprivation. It was her mother who stepped up to the plate at great discomfort for her to learn. Yet in the eyes

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