A chat with MaximBady: The Gambian boy making millions of dalasi on social media

Gambians have talents and MaximBady, a UK-based young Gambian has turned what started as a classroom joke into a million dalasis affair. With more than a million social media followers, he has signed up for appearances with the BBC. He

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A rare interview with opposition leader and presidential aspirant Mai Fatty

Who’s Mai? This was a familiar question when Mai Fatty joined the race for the first time to State House in 2011. Some even thought he was a woman. Fast-forward to 2016 – the astute young lawyer is the most popular Gambian politician online

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Alhassan Darboe talks about recent Gambian holiday, predicts a Jammeh victory in December

Alhassan Darboe’s recent visit to The Gambia might be his fourth since settling in the US, but it apparently offers him one of his unforgettable moments. From the transitions of his native Gunjur village to the exodus of young people and

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EXCLUSIVE: Sulayman Shygle Nyassi talks dad's 'mysterious' death, politics, Pa Nderry and more


His father, Shyngle Nyassi, was once described by opposition leader Ousainou Darboe as the encyclopedia of Gambian politics. Living abroad, Sulayman Nyassi was an arch government critic but now a convert. His father’s death was sudden and

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