How do you tolerate racist patients? Gambian immigrant, Amie Faal talks about working as a primary caregiver in Sweden

Amie Faal

Amie Faal is among hundreds of Gambians working as primary caregivers in Sweden. In this interview with the Swedish blog, All Afrosvensk Everythang, Amie talks about being a black primary caregiver:

All Afrosvensk Everythang: Can you

Bula ken fata. Lula neh defal: Faya’s candid interview on ex-husband, family, career, tattoos, and more


Faya Faye is unquestionably the most controversial Gambian model of the moment. She might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but her legion of fans live for her.

Enjoy our latest interview with the award-winning model:

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