Interview with ‘bad girl’ turned hijabi: “I was obsessed with clubbing, fashion, and all that…”


It’s not often you meet a Gambian girl in the diaspora willing to wear the hijab, but Jahou Badjie did just that. And now she wants to reach out to Muslim girls, who are reluctant to give up their pleasure filled lives for Islam.


Interesting interview: Prince Sankanu talks about his royal connection, polygamy, homosexuality, endorsing president Jammeh, among other things

Prince Bubacarr Sankanu

Prince Bubacarr Sankanu is one of the most controversial Gambian journalists.  At a very young age, he became the Voice of America's correspondent in The Gambia.  Next month, he's going to Brussels, Belgium to cover the EU-Africa

“I was a child wife, and now the only black student in my university” Binta Fatty opens up to What’s On-Gambia

Binta Fatty was just 14 when she was forced to marry her uncle, a Gambian immigrant in Italy. At 15, she became a mum.

Unlike most child-wives, Binta refused to drop out of school. She is now pursuing a Master's Degree in Diplomacy in