Sexy or disgusting? What do you think of armpit hair?

Written by Alieu Khan

Armpit HairTo some Gambians, growing armpit hair is sexy. Don’t be surprised to stumble across girls who don’t shave and aren’t ashamed about it. And guys! According to one Haddy Jagne, one has the right to shave or grow hair. “It’s natural and I don’t think Gambians are bothered by the sight of armpit hair.”

Fatou Darboe, fondly known as Baby Girl, has a different view, “I don’t think it’s sexy. It’s disgusting! I have no respect for young girls with armpit hair.”

Baby Girl went further to say that she feels more hygienic without hair under her pits. “It’s unattractive and not sexy on women.”

J Faye of Kololi is not the least bothered, “Who cares? Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with it. Sometimes, I love the smell.”(laughs)

What do you think?