Fashion with Mariam: Modesty doesn't have to be boring!

Written by Super writer

Mariam Fashion 3

Mariam Jobe is a Gambian fashionista based in Sweden. She has a page on Facebook called Style by Mariam. The page is more like a platform for her to share her love for fashion, shopping and style with fellow fashionistas.

 What’s on-Gambia is pleased to announce that Mariam is now on-board, as a guest writer. If you want to know more about how to look pretty and cool with a hijab try and follow Mariam’s tips here on What’s On-Gambia or on her Facebook page.

This is what Mariam has to tell us;

“My love for fashion and dressing up started at a very early age. As a little girl I remember playing around with my mum’s clothes and shoes, pretending being on the runway.

Mariam Fashion

Despite wearing the hijab, I still have the same fashion taste. Hijab is now an important part of me and I don’t think I will ever put it off.  

I have never been afraid to be "in style". Just because I’m modestly dressed doesn’t mean that my sense of style will start diminishing.


I think it’s wrong to assume that with a hijab no one will find you beautiful.  Not me! I try to look elegant but at the same time not forgetting the purpose of the hijab. “

Mariam Fashion 2