Fashion with Mariam: Luxurious designer handbags waste of money or great investment?

Written by Mariam Jobe


This week, I decided to write about designer handbags. Some fashion experts say that “shoes make the man and bag the women" 

What is it with designer handbags that make most women want to spend a month’s salary on it? I’m sure our men would like to know the answer. 

Some women buy it because of the brand name and others appreciate the value of investing in something that last long. Bags have become more than accessories – it’s an investment for some of us. 

Many women carry almost everything in their handbags. There necessities, their secrets and comfort. 

It was not long ago, when luxurious designer handbags were only accessible to the wealthy. Now things are changing; retailers are also targeting the middle class. One could say that they have made luxury more accessible to the mainstream. 

Personally, I feel designer handbags are an investment and not a waste of money for those who are able to afford it.  The reason why most women spend a lot of money on these bags is because it’s an expression of stature and allure. 

Here are some of the most popular designer handbags: 

HERMÈS BIRKIN is what you would call the Rolls Royce or Porsche of handbags. The bag got its name after the British actress Jane Birkin.  It costs up to $10, 000 and the order takes almost two-years. 

LOUIS VUITTON MONOGRAM SPEEDY 30 is the most copied handbag in the world. 

CHANEL 2.55 is a classic that was created in 1955. Coco wanted bag with shoulder that would keep her hands free. 

MULBERRY BAYSWATER or the "all-rounder" is a sensible classic. 

YVES SAINT LAURENT MUSE is an oversized tote that is loved by many celebrities. 


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