Some Gambian-toubab marriages last: My parents have been married now for 25 years!

Written by Patty Badgie

Hello my Gambian brothers and sisters!

My Name is Patty Badjie, 25, a Master’s Degree student in Germany. I am half -German and half –Gambian, born in Germany but raised with two cultures. I am proud to say that my parents have been married now for 25 years! So I and my sister are very fortune to have grown up with a strong connection to The Gambia.

My family visits the beautiful smiling coast every year. We have just returned from another visit and it was beyond beautiful!! First thing we did after arriving at the airport was to buy a freshtapalappa with butter from the local shop. We love it!!

Our house is in Kerr Sering. Me and My sister love to go swimming in the ocean and later have some fresh fruits. In the afternoons, we usually go to Serre Kunda to buy some vegetables and fish for dinner.

Serre Kunda is my favorite place, because it is always busy and full of interesting things and people. Everybody is doing their business in a very peaceful way.

My father’s family lives in Brikama. We always love to meet our uncles, aunts and cousins. We all eat together and enjoy each other’s company! My grandmother always complains that we still don’t speak proper Jola after all these years.

Family is everything for us!

Mum likes the beautiful bright African fabrics, so sometimes we go to Bakau or Banjul to buy some dresses. When the people see us they always think we are typical tourists. Mum understands some Mandinka and we know all the prices so they understand very quickly we are Gambians!

I am very proud to be half Gambian and my biggest wish and goal is to move to The Gambia at the end of this year after completing my studies and get involved. I am definitely looking forward to it, because there is so much beauty and peace in the country and its people are wonderful!

I am very lucky that we have a house, so I don’t need a hotel room, and I’m very familiar with my Kerr Sering neighborhood and I have already made some friends.

For me and my whole family, The Gambia is the most beautiful place on earth.