EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Njillan Cena Faye's sweet 23 birthday at Old School nightclub

Written by Saja


Njillan Cena Faye celebrated her 23rd birthday with a massive birthday bash last Friday.

It was a well-attended party at the Old School nightclub, where everyone was sparkly dressed. 

Njillan wrote on Facebook: "First of all I would love to thank GOD the almighty for allowing me to see another year of life!  It has been big it has been unexpected and It has turned all out to be unconditional love!

"This love I felt over the past days is beyond measures. Thanks to everyone that helped in either way coming to celebrate my night, all the Artists that came through and regards to the people who stood by me to make it happen especially my sister Haddy Orton Faye who's always there for me."

The partying ran until 4a.m and featured DJ Bola Bola spinning the latest hits in town. The surprise performance of the night was by PscNapz Grandiz Kroo.

The celebrities in attendance included Singateh, Manding Morry, Jali Madi and model Fatou Touray.