ADULT CONTENT: Neneh Bojang on orgasm and men delivering in the bedroom

Written by Neneh Bojang


Most men can only have one type of orgasm... after which they usually lose their erection temporarily before they can get hard and have another and that can take minutes, hours or days!

Women however, can have MANY different types of orgasms, often in shotgun order too.

These orgasms range from those that are barely noticeable to her man, to SCREAMING, TOE-CURLING, even bed soaking squirting orgasms (Woo!)

Foreplay Orgasms

These orgasms take place during foreplay or "pre-penetration". Foreplay orgasms are very important... because they allow your lover to "warm up" and have multiple orgasms later when you penetrate her.

Every GREAT lover should have the following foreplay orgasms in his playbook:

Clitoral Orgasm: This orgasm concentrates on the clitoris. Not as intense as the deep spot and other vaginal orgasms but still a great warm up and relatively easy to give.

 "Deep Spot" Orgasm: The "deep spot" orgasm is often the first time many woman have a true "internal" orgasm, as it is usually easier for a woman to have one of these than it is for her to have one during sex.

"G-Spot" Orgasm: Similar to the deep spot orgasm but not quite as intense. Still a great orgasm to have in the bag of tricks to get her "primed" for multiples during sex.

Now let us talk about some of the orgasms women are capable of having during PENETRATION.

Penetration Orgasms

Vaginal Orgasm: Normal orgasm while you are inside of her, much like the "deep spot" orgasm. Usually more intense than any foreplay orgasm but for some woman very difficult to achieve. Far easier to achieve AFTER a foreplay orgasm.

Multiple Orgasms: Multiple orgasms are when your lover has an orgasm and you give her another (or many) orgasms right after. This is different than the continuous orgasm which is described next.

Continuous Orgasm: This is when your girl has an orgasm but instead of letting her sexual excitement come down (as many women think they have to because they are sensitive) you INSTEAD keep going and often even harder. This causes her to start orgasming UNCONTROLLABLY over and over again. With a continuous orgasm, she will often be EXHAUSTED after and will always say she had no idea how many orgasms she had. 99% of women need to be verbally talked through a continuous orgasm as it is rare that previous lovers have EVER given this to her. She also has no way to do this herself through masturbation. If you give your girl this she just might become sexually addicted to you, so only do this with a girl you REALLY like!

Squirting Orgasm: Ah, the mysterious one! Well first of all I will tell you, squirting orgasms are VERY REAL and every woman has the "equipment" to have one! Actually getting your girl to experience one of these intense orgasms is a whole 'another article altogether... but let's just say they're a lot of fun.

So there you have it. Being a girl does have SOME advantages! Gentlemen I hope you are delivering!