Love knows no barriers: The rising trend of Gambian men marrying foreigners

Written by Badou Jeng


In today’s age of migration, Gambians falling in love and marrying someone of another race and culture is increasing.

Abubacarr Ceesay (Bambo) is enjoying his honeymoon after marrying Somali girl, Nimo Muktar.

Bambo is originally from Bansang in the Central River Region. He is currently living in Switzerland, where he works at a famous restaurant in Montreux. His bride is born in Denmark to Somali parents.

“We met in Montreux, Switzerland in July 2014. She was there to attend a famous jazz festival with her friends. We exchanged contact details and started chatting regularly online,” said Bambo.


At the end of 2014, he travelled to Denmark to ask for Nimo’s hand in marriage. He was convinced that she is the right woman for him.

He told What’s On –Gambia: “Her father is a well-educated Islamic scholar and he is very open-minded. The Qur'an is clear that Muslims of all nationalities are equal, so being a non-Somali was not an issue.”

Bambo and Nimo got married on the 3rd January 2015, but the Somali traditional wedding ceremony was held on the 10th January in Kolding, Southern Demark.  He invited his uncle, Imam Malang Fatty of Hamburg, Germany and two of his closest friends in Switzerland.

Bambo said: “It was a Somali wedding. Most of Nimo’s relatives and friends attended. It was very colourful and a wonderful experience for me.”

He added: “Her family loves me, especially the parents. They gave me over D150, 000 from the cash wedding gifts. I was totally surprised!”

The Bansang boy is planning to move to Denmark to live with his new wife.


“We are looking for an apartment in Copenhagen. I will soon return to Switzerland and then come back to finally settle in Denmark.”

Love is beautiful. Happy married life to Bambo and Nimo!