19-year-old Abdoulie Jallow talks being blind in The Gambia

Written by Alieu Jallow

Alieu Jallow

My name is Alieu Jallow. I am 19 years old and live in Kololi with my parents. Currently, I am attending Aji Sukai Ndateh Memorial School.

Being blind in The Gambia is a challenge, but since there isn’t anything I can do about it, I must face the challenges.

I wasn’t born blind. It happened to me when I was four years old. It was an illness and I was taken to Dakar and there my eyes were operated.

After the operation, I lost sight in both eyes. My mum told me that I was constantly blaming the doctors in Dakar for removing my eyes. But they later became my friends.

I thank God that I had the opportunity to start school like any other child. Education makes me independent and offers me the opportunity to explore the world without even stepping out of my country.

I have read many books and learnt a lot from them.

To be honest, a lot has changed with the way blind people are treated in The Gambia.  This is as a result of sensitization. The people are now helping. I am proud to say that Gambians are helpful and understanding.

Although I can’t dance, my favorite musician is Michael Jackson. His music is cool and I enjoy listening to it.

I want to be a teacher!