Mamie Jane Frazer explains why she quit her party-loving lifestyle to embrace hijab

Written by Mamie Jane


I believed with my whole heart that this scarf on my head was required of me by my Creator as a symbol of belief; as a protection. I had to do it.  Whether people like it or not, that does not concern me. What concerns me is that I obey my Creator.

What kind of Muslim would I be if I didn't cover up? Yes, it's hot - with the scarf on, but hell is hotter... and I certainly don't want to go to hell.

For many women, the hijab is a constant reminder that they should not design their lives and bodies for men. No one has the right to judge anyone saying hijabis legi nyu hijabut sakh nyolen taneh. Who are we to judge? Hijabis and non-hijabis, none is close to perfection.

The hijab is a commandment that every woman on earth should follow. It’s not by choice or saying I’ll do it when I am older. You will do it when you older? But then the question is:  Are we guaranteed that we going to live even for the next second???

The hijab is a form of protection. Allaah Swt has reasons for making things compulsory on us.  What is nicer than being modest? The opinion of negative thinkers doesn’t count because Allah Swt is the only one to Judge. Besides, we all striving for Jannah, aren’t we? So let's do what is required of us and stop these negative comments. If someone wants to put on the hijab Alhamdu Lillah she has realised that it's compulsory on her.  Why not encourage her? 


First published on Mamie Jane’s Facebook page