A friend of The Gambia: Lia Leaf’s advice to Gambian youths who want to take the ‘Back Way’


As-salāmu ‘Alaykum my name is Lia I am from Vienna, Austria.

I just saw the Video 'Back Way' and my first question was: what is the meaning of 'Back Way'?

And my second question was: how much money does it cost to come to Europe

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"Makeup enhances the beauty of Gambian women": A chat with the owner of Fabs Fashion Cosmetics


Fatou Cham Jallow is a young Gambian woman in the USA, who has a strong passion for fashion, makeup and beauty. Recently, she started the first cosmetics/makeup line owned by a Gambian.

In this interview, Fatou tells What's On-Gambia how

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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Njillan Cena Faye's sweet 23 birthday at Old School nightclub


Njillan Cena Faye celebrated her 23rd birthday with a massive birthday bash last Friday.

It was a well-attended party at the Old School nightclub, where everyone was sparkly dressed. 

Njillan wrote on Facebook: "First of all I would love to

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