Some Gambian-toubab marriages last: My parents have been married now for 25 years!

Hello my Gambian brothers and sisters!

My Name is Patty Badjie, 25, a Master’s Degree student in Germany. I am half -German and half –Gambian, born in Germany but raised with two cultures. I am proud to say that my parents have been

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Amazing! How Jama Jack became the country’s most popular young female blogger


Yes, it’s been three years since that cold February morning when I woke up and decided I would start blogging. It dawned upon me late last night and I wondered at how time flies. It has been one very interesting journey, but I daresay

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Show yourself to the world with a selfie: The latest trend among young Gambians

Are you surprised that selfie is 2013’s word of the year?  For those of you who don’t know- a selfie is a photo of yourself, taken by yourself usually with a smartphone. 

In The Gambia, every young person seems to be taking and posting

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