Sang W Mendy a.k.a DJ William: How I became a hardcore feminist

Written by Sang W Mendy

My eyes searched the room but only found a sheet of black that cloaked me under obscurity. I could notice my hands but couldn’t tell their color. I lit the candle. Then I remembered my mother’s strict warning about playing with fire. I blew it

Today is Pink Hijab day, are you ready to take action!?

Written by Mariama Jobe

Pink Hijab Day is an initiative that began as an experiment by founder, Hend El-Buri and a group of high school students in Columbia, Missouri (USA). It was intended to remove stereotypes of Muslim women by having Muslims engage in dialogue about

Fashion with Mariam: Discover the right hijab style for your face

Written by Mariama Jobe

Hi everyone, hope you guys had a wonderful Eid with family and friends! May all our fast, good deeds and prayers be accepted in sah Allah. 

This post is going to be about hijab for different face shapes. A lot of sisters find it quite difficult

Fashion with Mariam: Rabia Z - aspiring Muslim fashion designer

Written by Mariama Jobe

I want to dedicate this post to the aspiring fabulous Muslim fashion designer Rabia Z. I pray during this holy moth that Allah (swt) during this holy month will continue to increase her success, that He will guide and protect her. And that her