Fashion with Mariam: The abaya a sign of faith or fashion?

Written by Mariama Jobe

The world’s most expensive abaya was recently appraised at USD 350,000 according to one internet source. This abaya was made of real gold and it was professionally designed by a world-famous British fashion house. 

The abaya, sometimes called

Fashion with Mariam: Maxi dresses for summer 2013.

Written by Mariam Jobe

Fashion 2

Maxi dresses have become an important summer wardrobe item; it's a key staple for any fashion fan's wardrobe. 

They are flowing and comfortable. Wear it during the day or at night, dressed up or dressed down. The greatest thing about it is

Fashion with Mariam: How to make shopping a bit easier

Written by Mariama Jobe

Shopping for clothes is not always an easy thing to do. For some it comes natural to go into a store and grab what they want Mariam jobewhile for others it can be nerve racking.

I would say do not over think, when you are about to step out of your house to

Fashion with Mariam: Modesty doesn't have to be boring!

Written by Super writer

Mariam Fashion 3

Mariam Jobe is a Gambian fashionista based in Sweden. She has a page on Facebook called Style by Mariam. The page is more like a platform for her to share her love for fashion, shopping and style with fellow fashionistas.


Sexiest women in The Gambia: Who gets your vote?

Written by Alieu Khan

Sexiest women in The Gambia:
Who gets your vote?

What’s On-Gambia is getting ready, as the voting for the much-awaited Gambia’s Sexiest Woman in 2013 begins. The excitement is killing us!

Below are the 20 sexiest women that you, What’s