Top of the flops: Nancy Nanz’s debut DVD sinks

Written by Eddy Jatta

nancy slideWhen she stormed the music scene in the early 2000, Nancy Nanz quickly became the nation’s sweetheart. She won a legion of fans, especially among young girls.

The Xalel singer was young when she first appeared in front of the television cameras. She was a national treasure, but with the emergency of new female singers like Cess Ngom, Nancy Mboob and Diha, she is now fighting hard to remain in the spotlight.

Nancy Nanz

Despite her recent successful school tour, Nancy’s debut DVD, The Best of Nancy Nanz is not doing all well in the market. It has flopped spectacularly and since then little is heard from her.

A cashier at one of the Elton Petrol Station said: “No one is buying the DVD. They are just gathering dust.”