Sanyang Village ready for its first cultural festival

Written by Eddy Jatta

JalibaSanyang village in Kombo South is warming up for its first international cultural event, dubbed Sanyang International Cultural Festival.

The festival is scheduled to take place from 24th -27th January, 2013. According to the organisers, the aim is: “ … to develop awareness of the many cultures that make up our community through music, food , dance and exhibition. “

The king of kora music, Jaliba Kuyateh is one of the many entertainers booked for the two-day festival. Manding- music singer, Sambou Susso is also part of the line-up.

Part of the money generated from the festival will be used to improve the quality of education in Sanyang Village, support needy school children, and also to transform the village’s primary school into a basic cycle school.

To find out more about the festival, click the link below: