Manding Morry on his type of music, the President Jammeh rumour, and more

Written by Alieu Khan

Manding Morry“I stand out because I do afro-manding hip hop,” this was what Manding Morry told Whats’s On-Gambia when we went to watch one of his training sessions with Humanity Starz Band at the Jakaranda Garden, Westfield.


According to him, his music is a fusion of afro-manding and hip hop and this is what makes it classic, electric and unique.Manding Morry 2


Since the Bakau-born singer entered the music scene, he has been touching hearts and minds in both The Gambia and abroad. Last weekend, he launched the Manding Empire.


“Manding Empire is like a club or whatever you want to call it that aims at bringing together all the people I work with. This people include artists, producers, promoters, DJs, fans and you name it.


“We now have more than 2,700 members on Facebook and the empire is growing every day. I want to make the work easier for myself by including everyone in what I do,” he explained.


According to rumours, Manding Morry was once asked off the stage during an event attended by the president, Dr. Alh. Yahya A.J.J Jammeh. His performance was reportedly cut mid-way through when he started singing his single, Felle Ko Tele.


One Mba Sanyang from Brikama told What’s On-Gambia: “This is not a rumour. It’s true! How can you stand on a stage right in front of the president and start singing Felle Ko Tele.”


But Manding Morry insisted that it was just a rumour that quickly spread like a wild bush fire. “It’s the biggest rumour ever in my life.”Manding Morry 1



He added: “They said the president asked me to leave because my song was offensive. Completely untrue! The president loves my music, especially the song Gambia Ladiya. I performed at his birthday, last year and also during the World Peace Day 2012 celebration at the July 22 Square.”


The 24-year old was one of the first Gambian artists to be signed by Musico, a Gambian label. According to him, it was a “good and bad experience.”


“I left the label because they didn’t meet my expectations, but it was great to be part of the team. Now I’m an independent singer and I do my things on my own with the support of my management team.”


Manding Morry’s debut album, Kibaaroo was produced by Musico. According to him more than 4000 copies were released in the market.


Below we bring you the video for his controversial song Felle Ko Tele.