Banjul Night Live presenter, Ida Bidwell wins Sexiest Woman 2013 poll

Written by F. Mbye

Its official- Ida Bidwell, the wife of Moeblac, is the sexiest woman in The Gambia. 

What’s On-Gambia readers think she is one of the most beautiful girls in the country.  More than 1,000 of you voted in our poll and Ida won more than 40% of the votes. 

Here, we reveal the top three;

 Sexy Ida 2

Ida Bidwell 

Relationship status: Married

Occupation: Businesswoman and TV presenter – Banjul Night Live (GRTS)

Education: Senior Secondary School 

She is currently one of the most popular female faces on GRTS.  On the Banjul Night Live Facebook page she is described as a young Gambia with a dynamic and cheerful personally.

Sexy Ramatoulie 

Ramatoulie Gassama 

Relationship status: Married

Occupation: PR & Communications Executive

Education: Bachelor’s Degree – University of Roehampton in UK 

She became a popular figure after successfully presenting the Fatou Show, last year. Ramatoulie is married to magistrate Jabang, one of the youngest magistrates in the country.

Sexy Cany 

Cany Jobe 

Relationship status: Married

Occuppation: Student

Education: Doing her Master’s Degree at the University of Western Australia 

She is beautiful and her intellect is astonishing. Cany is a good writer, activist and a mother.