Nancy Nanz battling postnatal weight gain…fans question her changing skin color

Written by F. Mbye


New mum, Nancy Nanz seems to be getting much more attention ever since she gave birth to her second child. Some of her fans have something to say about her postnatal body, and most of it is not cool. 

Few days ago, the singer posted some new photos on Facebook and it showed that she is packing on the kilos. A fan living in Sukuta, said Nancy is now fat. She added: “She should know that Gambians love him not only because of her voice, but also her amazing body.” 

The wanna be happy singer is known for her curvaceous body and dressing in a stylish manner. But recently, she’s more like a stranger in her own body. It seems the tight jeans, short skirts and high heels have to wait. 

Her skin has also changed slightly in texture and color and people are now speculating that she is bleaching.