Gambian student makes history in Sudan

Written by Lie G.

A former student of Kotu Senior Secondary School has become the first Gambian to graduate as a Medical Doctor at the International University of Africa in Sudan.

Bayinatou Omar Njie's graduation ceremony in Khartoum was attended by her mother, who is a Sudanese.

One of her friends said: "She was the best student at Kotu Senior Secondary School. Her father, Omar Njie is secretary of Munazama Al-dawa Islamiya in Kotu."

He added: "She is coming back home to work in the Gambian healthcare sector ."

Bayinatou is a member of the Gambia Red Cross Society. She was once awarded volunteer of the year at the Kunkujang Keita-ya Red Cross Link.

About the International University of Africa

It is a public university in the Sudanese capital. The International University of Africa is a member of the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World.

It has faculties of Education and Humanities, Shariah and Islamic Studies, Pure and Applied Sciences, Engineering and medicine.

The university is legally independent of the Sudanese state, but the government is the largest financial backer. Classes are mostly held in Arabic, but most of the students come from non-Arabic-speaking African nations and other countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia.