OPINION: Gambians should not vote for Darboe and Barrow in 2021

Written by Saul Sarr

I will not tell you who to vote for when the Presidential election is upon us in 2021 or whenever the President mustered the courage to call for a snap election in between. However, I will tell you who not to vote for.

Politically, His Excellency President Adama Barrow and leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP) Hon. Abubakarr Darboe seem to be making the headlines of late, albeit for the wrong reasons.

Darboe has been accused of flip-flopping for shifting from his earlier position that Barrow must serve for five years as per the constitution, to his party’s new position that Barrow should be faithful to the Coalition Agreement. In the court of public opinion, the President is winning his case against his former godfather.

People are of the view that had Darboe not been sacked, he and his online agitators would not be urging Barrow to step down next month.

Although 3-years Jotna is not a UDP flagship, almost all its prominent members are also members of the UDP. Coincidence? Nope! Hon. Darboe, while still serving in Barrow’s cabinet, was quoted saying “I do not think that anyone in his right mind or anyone who still knows how the constitution of this country works will advocate that Mr Barrow should step down at the end of the three years… Such a statement is a non-starter and I have made it known that I will be the one who will challenge the unconstitutionality of such an arrangement in court”.

If he truly believes his own words, then he should have advised his party officials ‘how the constitution of this country works’ and should they overrule him, he can excuse himself from that presser.

President Barrow, on the other hand, has all traits of a typical UDPian. Now he wants people to side with him and protect him from UDP online onslaught. In my Barrow voice, only a ‘Ding Kurungho’ will do that”.

When he assumed office and all was well with UDP, he pretended that no other Gambians existed besides UDPians. He handed them the government, gave them all top jobs. A mere disagreement with senior UDP official can get you the sack, just ask Demba A Jawo or Omar Jallow (OJ).

Barrow boxed himself in this situation, he will now have to unbox himself unaided. To Gambian electors, please avoid President Barrow and Lawyer Darboe’s ballot boxes like a plague. They have both proven to be insincere and their words mean nothing to them. One is desperate to hang on to power and the other is desperate to be President.

Other political parties should start coalescing ahead of the next election cycle and send UDP and its offshoot (BYM/BFC) packing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, Barrow is no better than Darboe. People are privy to their dubious scheme but it ended in a bitter split.