Gov’t officials on Meet the People Tour will receive D2000 per night

Written by Lamin Saidy

Government officials who are with President Adama Barrow on his Meet the People Tour will receive D2, 000 per night, according to reports reaching What's On-Gambia.

A source disclosed: "The allowance of D2, 000 is paid to cover their accommodation and food if they stay overnight outside the Greater Banjul Area."

Another source, who is currently in the North Bank Region with the President, said: “The tour is very expensive and it's expected to end on the 8th December. I don't have a problem with people receiving night allowances, but the number of civil servants following the president is too many and we have an economy to rebuild."

When asked whether food is not provided during the tour, our source replied: “Technically it should be within the D2, 000, but Barrow is travelling with loads of cooks.

"My question is why is a presidential tour constitutionally required? What do we gain from spending that money on a tour that is always politicised?"

Our source further argued that it should be scrapped, because it has "zero impact and no results."

In a Facebook post that garnered less than 500 likes, the State House wrote that the 20-day tour is for the President to dialogue and asses impact of government policies on the lives of the people.