Aisha Fatty and Sarjo Mboob's fight: More details are emerging

Written by Eddy Jatta

It's now more than one month since Aisha Fatty and former banker, Sarjo Mboob clashed at the Village in Senegambia, with footage of the altercation still making the rounds on social media.

Mobile cameras caught the girls throwing chairs at each other during their encounter at one of the restaurants at the Village which was crowded with diners.

"It was so fast," said an eyewitness.

Another eyewitness who claimed to be close to the girls disclosed the fight was started by Aisha, a former protocol officer at the Office of the President.

Sarjo reportedly sustained injuries, although none are thought to be serious.

No arrests were made that night. The police PRO told What’s On-Gambia that they at the Police Headquarters in Banjul are yet to receive any information on “the police station dealing with the matter and the state of the matter.”

Why the fight?

Sources disclosed the two beauties are love rivals. They're reportedly dating the same guy, a prominent managing director, who was said to be at the Village during the fight.

More details coming soon!