Afrimed awards scholarships to medical students from disadvantaged backgrounds

Written by Saja

Afrimed Clinic in Brusubi has awarded scholarships to some medical students at the School of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences, University of The Gambia.

According to the CEO and Medical Director of Afrimed, Dr Omar Jagne, most of the awardees are from disadvantaged backgrounds across the country.

The famous clinic's charitable efforts began a few years ago, but it was last year when they launched their Heath, Education and Development Scholarship.

"We received more than 450 applications after the launch of the scholarship. The applications were evaluated based on academic performance, gender, financial need and other criteria," said Dr Njie.

He added: "We also gave priority to students from the provinces and those with disability."

Some students at Gambia College and senior secondary schools like Nusrat were also awarded scholarships.

One of them, Ciana Mendy, a student at the college, is the first in her family to pursue post-secondary education.

Afrimed is a not-for-profit medical institution set up to improve the general healthcare needs of Gambians, with particular attention for infants and women.