Former President Jammeh and Essa Faal have something in common

Written by Saja

jameh essah

Former President Yahya Jammeh and TRRC's lead counsel Essa Faal may seem wildly different, but they both share one thing common.

The men have a thing for light-skinned women, though it could be a coincidence. The former president has been married to two of them and his current wife, Zenab Suma Jammeh is a Guinean-Moroccan.

Jammeh married the light-skinned beauty in 1999, shortly after ending his marriage with Tuti Faal, who now lives in the USA.

For Essa Faal, his wife is Senegalese. Although very little is known about her, but there are rumours that they have children together.

Unlike Jammeh, the famous lawyer was once married to a dark-skinned woman, one Ngenarr Sosseh.