Former vice principal blasts MoBSE's plans to spend D35m on broadcast lessons

Written by Saja

Former vice principal

The former vice principal of Yalding Basic Cycle School in Farato has added his voice to those criticising the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education's plans to spend D35m to deliver lessons over the airwaves as schools remain closed over coronavirus.

Ebrima Saine, who was one of the youngest school administrators in the country, accused the ministry of misplaced spending priorities.

He argued the project, which the ministry said will help school children keep up with their studies at home, is likely to fail than succeed saying: "MoBSE without a single dot of doubt knows that not all kids have access to television or even radio. And what guarantees them that kids are going to keenly follow the lessons, understand and practice the exercises, if any are given?"

Ebrima added: "I think the ministry should use the money to provide scholarships for students at the University of The Gambia- School of Education. Many are without scholarships, most of whom have served the ministry for years. Yes, we're in abnormal situations, but what we do during this abnormal period must be normal!"

Meanwhile, businessman Ali Hydara has also slammed MoBSE alleging the project is a total waste of taxpayers’ money.

"This is rubbish, a total waste of state resources. That D35m could be invested into something more important. When our public schools don't even have furniture and good toilets, they wasting millions on something which less than 30% of students would benefit from," he said.

The broadcast of school lessons, which started on Monday, 23rd March, is expected to last for 21 days.