Italy-based DJ claims ex-girlfriend slept with 127 men

Written by Aisha J

Italy based DJ

An Italy-based Gambian DJ (name withheld) has claimed that his ex-girlfriend slept with 127 men including him.

In an e-mail to What's On-Gambia, he wrote: "I want to share with you guys about a girl who slept with 127 men and she is in the Gambia on holiday. I want you to save my people."

When asked if the girl is his ex-flame, he responded: "Yes, she is and it was during one of our fights she told me all these things that you would not believe. After sending you all the details, I will send you her number to hear it from her."

However, the DJ didn't disclose the girl's name and nationality. He vowed to expose her if she refuses to fix their broken relationship.