Kaba Girl makes shocking revelations about her past

Written by Lamin Saidy

Kaba girl

Famous kaba vendor, Mariama Jabang has spoken about her past no one knows about. 

In a recent interview with Ndey Oley Taal on QTV, Mariama, who is popularly known as Kaba Girl, disclosed she grew up in extreme poverty as a child. 

According to her, her father wasn't around. She is the eldest child of her mum, who currently works in a horticultural garden in Darslima in the West Coast Region.

Discussing the hard times she endured during her childhood in the coastal village of Kartong, Kaba Girl told Ndey Oley that her father wasn't really in her life.  

Before the establishment of her kaba business, she learned the power of sales in Grade 3. 

The sprouting entrepreneur explained she sold firewood, yassa, butterscotch to pay for her school - from Grade 3 to Grade 12. 

Watch the interview below: