PART 1: Meet some of the people who are benefitting from Barrow's presidency

Written by Gainde

Part 1

Their fortunes are growing every day, while the majority of Gambians continue to wallow in poverty. Here are some of the people who are benefiting from Barrow's presidency.  

Kalilu Waggeh  

He is the first businessman to enjoy a red-carpet treatment from President Adama Barrow. The Senegalese multi-millionaire is now one of the main food importers in the country.  

Hadim Gai 

The D1.8billion Banjul Project was given to his company, Gai Construction without tender. His son, Hadim Gai Jr is also benefitting significantly from Barrow's presidency. A source told us: "He has everyone in government in his pocket. And he says it openly." 

Sira Wally Ndow  

She is one of the former Jammeh ministers banned by the Janneh Commission from holding public office. Despite findings of culpability for corruption against her by Janneh commission, it is not stopping Barrow's government from doing business with her. Her company, EPM is now the sole contractor and organiser of all government events. 

Abubakary Jawara  

In 2018, his company, GACH was issued a secret licence to mine and export "black sand" from The Gambia. Jawara is alleged to be one of Barrow's financial supporters.  

Bai Lamin Jobe  

He is one of the ministers who "monetized" their ministries. Bai Lamin is allegedly making millions by using his position to benefit construction companies owned by family members and friends.  

Fatoumatta Jawara  

She was completely unknown until recently when it emerged online that she is one of the people who are expected to make millions from the COVID-19 food aid procurement. 

Alpha Barry 

He works for Deloitte & Touche. Sources alleged Alpha is the receiver of Jammeh's properties.  

Part 2 coming soon!