Gambian women are now using vaginal fluids to keep their men faithful

Written by Aisha J

Gambian fluid

It is no longer a secret that Gambian women frequently visit marabouts to help them cement their place in the heart of men they love in an effort to protect their marriages. 

Rumours reaching What's On-Gambia revealed that Gambian women now use vaginal fluids in food and drinks to tame their husbands, especially husbands with side chicks. 

A US-based woman said: "They usually give their husbands drinks or food that are mixed with their vaginal fluids. It's becoming so common in The Gambia." 

According to our credible female source , the controversial ritual helps women capture men's sexual attention,love and heart. 

"After drinking or eating it, the husband becomes committed to her. He might never abandon her for another woman," she said.