Gambian passport renewal fee increased to D47,000

Written by Saja

Gambian passport

It looks like the Gambian High Commission in London has increased the fees paid by UK-based Gambians seeking to renew their passports. 

A German-British woman, Simone Saidy disclosed to What's On-Gambia that her husband was asked to pay 750 British Pounds for a new passport.  

"750 GBP for a passport? Maybe they want to use part of the money to buy air tickets to The Gambia," she said.  

In a poorly written e-mail, seen by this outlet, the High Commission wrote: "You have to pay for the process to get the passport. Please firstly send the passport copy which has expired and send your photo for the application and the amount of 750 Pounds for the new passport."  

The e-mail continued: " The process is to go through The Gambia and back to the United Kingdom."  

Simone alleged that the High Commission in London, which is led by 76-year-old Francis Blain, is the most useless Gambian diplomatic mission in Europe.  

She fumed: "Could you imagine, it took them six weeks to reply to our enquiry. What are they getting paid for? I am German and my embassy responds within 10 days and will advise properly on how to get a new passport. Not with four words."