EU vows to protect the rights of gay and lesbian Gambians

Written by Eddy Jatta

EU gay rights

The European Union in The Gambia has vowed to protect the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) in The Gambia.  

"One may not agree with someone's personal choices and preferences, but gay and lesbian Gambians are, first and foremost, Gambians," they wrote on their Facebook page. 

They disclosed that in 2019 they used their Human Rights safeguarding mechanism to save someone whose life was threatened because of his sexual orientation.  

"Such threats have no place in a democratic society," declared the European Union in The Gambia.  

One of their Facebook followers, Dawda Sambou of Siffoe, Kombo Central commented: " European Union in The Gambia, you shall not succeed in this country inShaAllah. Your rubbish will not work in this country. We have values that we will not allow to be replaced with your rubbish. What human rights defenders are you talking about? Indecent behaviours will not be welcomed in this country." 

Daa Ceesay of Serre Kunda also wrote: " My fellow Gambians, do you think the funds that the EU is giving is for free. At least Jammeh did his best to avoid it but the sleeping government still sleepy with greediness." 

Lamin Touray in Piacenza, Italy said: "Not in The Gambia and not in Africa. If you want put in more millions is not going to work!!" 

Like in many other African countries, homosexuality is still illegal in The Gambia.