New political party wants to turn Gambia into a Gay Paradise

Written by Eddy Jatta

Gay paradise

One of The Gambia’s newest political parties, Citizens' Alliance wants The Gambia to legalise homosexuality and recognise the human rights of LGBTQ people.

In a Facebook post that was later deleted as the party went into damage control mode, the Citizens' Alliance wrote: "Citizens' Alliance promotes a citizen-driven agenda and shall put in place policies that will seek to eradicate all forms of discrimination against any citizen or group of citizens."

They continued: "The party will embrace our country's diversity, ensure equity and equality and promote justice. Recognizing the right of every Gambian to participate in the affairs of the country, CA shall create an environment and space for the citizens to engage their government on regular basis."

Former secretary general and head of the civil service, Momodou Sabally was among the first to slam the CA for their political expediency, opportunism and cosying up to European Union's unethical diplomacy and gay propaganda in the country.

He declared: ”Citizens' Alliance is officially The Gambia’s Gay Party (GGP). May Allah descend his wrath on all supporters and promoters of homosexuality and all forms of decadent deviant anti-human behaviours like homosexuality."

Alieu Touray in Taiwan said the CA is blinded by the coffers of the west forsaking their culture and religion.