Barrow uses taxpayers millions to pay uneducated, unqualified advisers

Written by Alex Darboe

Barrow advisers

Forget the bombastic and self-serving activism of Madi Jobarteh and his ilk. A scandal has been happening right before our won eyes and our social and political activists are so blind and uncreative to do anything about it to force the government to do right with our money. 

According to approved estimates from the Ministry of Finance, Barrow pays the quartet of Dou Sanno, Siaka Jatta, Dembo by force and Saihou Mballow millions in basic salaries a year just to do nothing other than running his political errands and verbally abusing others critical to Adama Barrow and his government. 

In an interview with Standard Newspaper, Mai Fatty called for their sacking to stop the waste of taxpayers resources. He said: “We all know they are mere political operatives and not professional public servants. Most of them have never handled a single public service file or assignment except requests for undeserved payments and privileges. In The Gambia, people are hired to serve as presidential advisers on the back of taxpayers when in reality they are pure partisan operatives. They are barren of policy ideas and are quick to wag tongues at every partisan political statement made against the president’s party”. 

In a parting advice, Mai advised President Adama Barrow to be loyal to the citizens and voters by implementing the system change Gambians voted for:  

“The Gambian has suffered for too long, and our people deserve only the best. We cannot afford to backtrack along the footsteps of the old regime. We can do better, and we must do better. Many of us would like Barrow to succeed because his success would be The Gambia’s success. If he fails, the country fails. Many of us do not dislike him. We dislike the trend of consolidating the system we overwhelmingly rejected and voted out”. 

Also commenting on the waste of taxpayer monies on incompetent and brain dead advisers, Karamba Touray, a prominent Gambian diasporan said: “Taxpayers are forking D2,215, 985 this fiscal year to pay four advisers and two deputies that President Barrow has put to pasture at State House. I have not seen anywhere an indication of their policy briefs or what their basic work product is for the Gambian people from whose resources they are being paid. Every single one of them essentially functions as a personal political errand boy for the President in their public pronouncements and official activities on government time using government resources “. 

Karamba calls for a citizens’ protest to end the plundering of our meagre resources on useless associates of the president. He advocated: “We the citizens have to demand this violation of the law be halted. Lawyers need to look at ways the government can be compelled through the courts to force the removal of the entire assortment of advisers for violation of the law”.