Gambia-based African American says Gambians are slow, lame and uneducated

Written by Eddy Jatta

African American woman

While the black race and their non-black supporters are rallying together under the banner of ‘’Black Lives Matter’’ to break the yoke of racial discrimination, subjugation, and oppression, a Gambia-based African American YouTuber posted a video online calling for the exploitation and abuse of the resources and people of The Gambia because they ‘’are slow, lame and uneducated’’. 

In the shocking and appalling video, which has garnered a little over 10, 000 views, Art Cathey desperately calls on ‘the brilliant and awaken black Americans’ to choose The Gambia over other African countries because ‘’it is easy to come here and take over everything’’. 

Pitching a divisive ‘’us vs. them’’ tactic, which Blacks in America are all too familiar with in the form of systemic racism, the YouTuber said the lack of awareness and education among Gambians ‘‘is an opportunity for us [referring to her fellow blacks Americans] to take over.’’  

‘‘This why is the Europeans, Indians, Arabs. That is why they are here. That is what other races and ethnic groups have done. That is the benefit of being here,’’ she quipped.  

Art Cathey moved to The Gambia recently from Atlanta, US, as part of the repatriation movement of the African Diaspora and currently stays in Brufut.  

As a business, she advises African Americans and other black Diaspora members on how to acquire land and move into The Gambia.  

Her YouTube Channels are dotted with demeaning and derogatory comments about Gambians. In one, she said The Gambia is ‘stuck between 1987 and 1897’ while making a mockery of a shopkeeper for logging sales in a receipt book.  

Reacting to the abhorrent remarks, a US-based Gambian describes the comments as despicable.  

‘’Instead of supporting and uplifting each other, especially for a country that’s been so open and welcoming to our brothers and, it is quite sad she made such despicable remarks,’’ Pa Musa Jobe in New York said.  

He added: ‘’But no surprises here. Black Americans here in the US are fond of looking low upon African immigrants’’.