Finally, here is the bizarre reason why Manjang was sacked

Written by Saja


Gambians were left confused and shocked in April when the State House announced without explanation that Muhammed Manjang was removed as director general of Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC). 

But now the reason behind his dismissal has been revealed to What's On-Gambia

A reliable State House insider disclosed Manjang, who was one of the most respected and adored director generals in the country, was removed for insubordination. 

"Manjang was a very stubborn director general. Whenever he was invited to the State House, he would always ask about the purpose of the meeting before deciding whether to accept the request," said our source. 

The source continued: "Sometimes when he is too busy, he would suggest the meeting to be rescheduled.” 

Some of the presidential aides tagged Manjang arrogant and claimed he had no respect for President Adama Barrow and his presidency.