July 22: Here are 10 of Jammeh's biggest achievements during the military transition

Written by Saja

July 22

After taking over the country in a bloodless coup, Yahya Jammeh's achievements in office from 1994-96 made him one of the most transformative military leaders in African history. He was less than 30 years old, but under his leadership, the country was able to undergo significant economic, political, and social changes.  

Here are 10 of his biggest accomplishments during the military transition when many Western countries turned their back on The Gambia:  

  • Established the University of The Gamba to be the powerhouse for the transformation of The Gambia through the creation, application, and transfer of knowledge.
  • Constructed hospitals and health centres to boost healthcare delivery in the country.  
  • Constructed new schools and classrooms across the country. 
  • Built the country's first TV station, the Gambia Radio and Television Services
  • Appointed dozens of women to senior positions in his government.
  • Offered scholarships to bright young Gambians to further their studies in some of the world's most prestigious universities.
  • Created space for the establishment of the country's first daily newspaper. 
  • Provided equal opportunities to all Gambian regardless of religion, ethnic origin, gender or political affiliation. 
  • Constructed new roads that increased trade, enhanced access to markets and social services for local communities and stimulated economic activities.
  • Created the Brusubi Estate, which is now the most classy and sought-after residential area in the country.