Cause of fire that destroyed vital documents at the Ministry of Fisheries & Water Resources may never be known

Written by Saja


The cause of a devastating fire that destroyed vital documents and other valuables including laptops and desktop computers at the Ministry of Fisheries & Water Resources will likely remain a mystery.  

An insider at the ministry revealed that Minister James FP Gomez and his senior management team have opted not to disclose the origin and cause of the blaze that happened last year in December.   

"They might never disclose to the public what happened on that fateful day," said our source, who begged for anonymity. 

The Gambia Fire and Rescue Service (GFRS) discovered the following during their investigations: 

1.The fire started at an improbable place where the risk of a fire is slow.

2. No apparent cause of the fire was discovered. 

In their report, the GFRS wrote: “We endeavored to obtain sufficient evidence in order to arrive at a probable cause, but since there is no possibility of ascribing the cause with reasonable certainty, it is our considered opinion to conclude that the cause of the fire for now is unknown.” 

The Ministry of Fisheries & Water Resources is widely believed to be one of the most corrupt ministries in the country. There are allegations that the inferno was put up by their own employees to conceal their corrupt activities.