Support for comedian Aisha after bullying claims

Written by Fatou Kinneh

Aisha Gambia

Fans of Gambian comedy have reached out via social media to support comedian Aisha Gambia, who recently spoke out about the online bullying she suffered.  

Budding politician, Raffie Diab of the Citizens Alliance wrote on Facebook: "We live in a very hypocritical society. Always judging people when they themselves are the most messed up." 

One Sireh Samateh in Bronx, New York also commented: "Sometimes, I wonder if some Gambians have human soul, they always have negativity against their brothers and sisters to put them down. I have goosebumps when I watched Aisha's video. Gosh, give the lady a break let her leave her life peacefully." 

Another fan of Aisha, Anna A. Lindo in London, UK wrote: "Please, let me repeat it. Don't let anybody put you down. Carry on with your life. Do what pleases you." 

Aisha Gambia, who is widely believed to be the most popular Gambian female comedian on social media, has allegedly suffered bullying and harassment since she stepped into the spotlight.