Another Gambian woman accused of having two husbands

Written by Aisha j

Another woman

A UK-based 25-year-old Gambian woman is accused of bigamy after wedding a second husband in secret despite already being married. 

A source disclosed: "The first husband helped the girl and her family and soon after relocated her to the UK. Upon arrival, the girl and her parents betrayed the man and arranged for her to get married to one Bakau man while still living with and depending on the first husband." 

He continued: "The first husband discovered the plan a day before the wedding and it was late to stop it from happening. He is very distraught about it after helping these people so much." 

But the source further disclosed: " The first marriage was done at the Ministry of Justice in The Gambia to enable the girl to travel and later they would arrange an Islamic wedding but this never happened." 

The 25-year-old was living with her first husband for more than one year until two weeks ago when she moved to her new husband's house in England.